Small Meeting Rooms

Our Small Meeting Rooms offer a quiet and private space for your discussion group, meeting, gathering or one-to-one session. 

Room 2

With seating capacity for up to 12 people and pre-organised boardroom set-up, Room 2 offers the opportunity to meet in a fresh new location, while still providing the privacy needed to conduct those important meetings.

Key Information:

  • 12-person capacity
  • Boardroom set-up
  • Visual capabilities

Ideal For:

  • Boardroom meetings
  • Interviews
  • Staff meetings
  • Discussion groups


Room 13

Located on the upper level of Central Hall and with tinted glass windows Room 13 is the ideal private room for small meetings, discussion groups and counselling sessions. It offers a quiet, comfortable area where you can meet with others in a safe and private setting. The room can hold up to 12 people as standard, but this can be increased to up to 20 with additional seating. Audio and visual services can also be provided.

Key Information:

  • Capacity for 12 (or 20) persons 
  • Soft furnishings
  • Comfortable setting
  • Quietness & privacy
  • Audio/visual set-up as required
  • Wall-mounted TV screen

Ideal For:

  • Small meetings
  • Small discussion groups
  • Group counselling
  • One-to-one counselling
  • Small informal gatherings


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