Meeting Rooms

Our Meeting Rooms

From cosy, private lounges for up to 12 people, to light and airy spaces for up to 40 people, you'll find the perfect meeting room for your event.

Small Meeting Rooms

Our range of small meeting rooms includes comfortable lounges for up to 20 people, and a private boardroom for up to 12.

Our lounges come kitted out with modern, stylish sofas, coffee tables, and furnishings, with audio-visual set-up available if required. They provide the perfect setting for discussion groups, small informal meetings and gatherings, and individual or group counselling sessions.

With tinted glass windows, a large table set-up, and comfortable seating, our boardroom provides a quiet and private location for meetings, interviews and discussion groups. 



Large Meeting Rooms

Our large meeting rooms are spacious, light and airy, and come fully equipped with tables and comfortable seating. If you're organising a small conference or sizeable meeting, holding a workshop, course or discussion group, or need space for drama, dance or vocal lessons, then these are the rooms to look at.

Most of our meeting rooms offer seating and table arrangement as required, allowing you the flexibility to choose between different room layouts to suit your event. We also offer specific rooms providing audio/visual set-up, projector/screen set-up, and wall-mounted whiteboards, so your meeting needs can be easily catered for.


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