Hope Community School

Due to open in September 2017, Hope Community School will be Southampton's first mainstream free school...

New Generation Schools Trust plan to open a brand new and innovative primary school in Southampton city centre for children aged 4-11. The school aims to open with a reception intake of 60 pupils, with class sizes of 30, which will then increase with two new reception classes each year until reaching a full capacity of 420 pupils.

Having created an engaging curriculum to excite and inspire its pupils, key values including respect, hospitality, generosity, care for others, engaging in our community and putting others before yourself are at Hope’s core. The school will be of Christian designation, open to children of any and no faith.

"Hope Community School is at the heart of the community, reaching out to local families to increase children's aspirations, encouraging a spirit of adventure and maximising each child's talents and gifts.

The school inspires children to be people who not only value their community but also have the desire, ability and tools to transform and enrich it through innovative and aspirational visions. Pupils of Hope Community School are encouraged to dream limitlessly, explore confidently, discover expectantly and take ownership of their futures."

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