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Enlarging capacity in one of the world's largest slums...

Kibera is the largest slum area in the city of Nairobi, Kenya and whilst no one knows officially how many people live there, it is thought to be over a million, with many of those inhabitants being young children.

With an unemployment rate of just 50%, poverty is rife within the area, while a majority of those who are employed, work for a daily wage of just £2. Lack of clean water, toilets and sewage systems, alongside a rise in disease, crime, prostitution and substance abuse, all create an unwelcome reality for many of the people living there.

What is New Community Kibera?

New Community Kibera was set up by members of New Community Church as a non-profit organisation to help support practical development within the region.

Through supporting health, educational and micro-finance projects, they hope to connect the local people there and develop a more sustainable way of life.

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Help support the children of Kibera by donating new and used clothing/shoes.

On a recent trip to the area it was discovered that another major problem facing families there, is the lack of children's shoes available for them to wear. On paths and roads which are lined with waste, stones and broken glass, children's feet are regularly being cut or damaged, purely because shoes are not accessible to them.

New Community Kibera would like to set up a library system for donated shoes, whereby children can use a pair until they are too small and then exchange them for a larger size.

There is also a large need for children's clothing, with many families having no means to buy new or even used items of clothing to wear. 

Make a donation

If you would like to donate any shoes or clothing for Kibera, please bring them along to Central Hall reception where a member of staff will be able to collect them and pass them on. Shoes and clothing ranging from pre-school and infants to older sizes would be greatly appreciated. 

Want to help further?

There are a number of different ways you can help to support the work of New Community Kibera, including fundraising, donations, volunteering and even joining the team on one of their trips out there. 

To find out more, please contact Dave Boniface at

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