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Barcamp is an 'unconference' like no other...

With support from Etch and Moov2, this completely free user-generated conference put all the power into the hands of it's attendees. They decided all the content for discussion, whether that be technology based or something completely off the wall.

The main aim was to have fun and provide a completely inclusive event for each person to learn something new and express themselves. Whether you're tech savvy, marketing mad, a student, senior citizen or just looking for something to do on a Saturday afternoon, Barcamp is for you!

No one, including the event organisers, had any idea what kind of discussions would go on and whilst the primary focus is on technology and digital industries, any kind of topic is welcome. The day was pieced together by collaboratively building a structure in the morning, with each volunteer speaker getting their own room and time slot.

With our wide variety of room sizes here at Central Hall, we have the space to create a whole host of different environments for each kind of discussion. Whether that'd be speaking to a large audience in Room 1, a smaller group in Room 5 or even a focus group on the sofas in our in-house cafe Central Coffee, we've got you covered. 


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