#hacksoton Descends on Central Hall

« Back to News // Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Tech lovers and gadget fans united for the annual #hacksoton event.

There were hundreds of eyes glued to computer screens, endless reams of wires and a Dalek guarding the door. It could only have been the annual #hacksoton event – a creative workshop for all technology types and software buffs. The aim? To gather, mingle and make things. From electronic gadgets to software and coding exercises, the event created space for people of all ages to share ideas in technology development and learn a few new skills.

#Hacksoton hosts the workshop on an annual basis – celebrating its fourth birthday this year. The event was completely non-competitive, as #hacksoton emphasised their aims to let people have fun and learn more about computers at their own pace. Whether participants were tech whizzes or coding beginners, the non-exclusive event ensured people of all skills levels were welcome. 

The event was also entirely non-profit. Tickets were free of charge and all expenses – including the one-handed, computer-user-friendly pasties – were covered by sponsors.

Hosted in the Main Hall and using Room 1 as an additional workshop space, we helped the guys achieve their creative ideas for the event by setting up tables and group workspace in each room. Our catering team also provided packed lunches for all ticket-holders.

We loved the creativity and unity the event promoted and we can’t wait to see the #hacksoton guys at their next event.

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